Images courtesy of Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography in British Columbia, Canada

Paws for Oz was born out of a feeling of helplessness brought on by the wildfires in Australia. We’ve all seen the devastation to the native Australian wildlife and it is truly unfathomable. Over a billion animals, birds and reptiles lost – and 10 million hectares of their habitat.

An international group of Pet Photographers – intense animal lovers by nature – have joined forces under the banner of Paws for Oz. Their goal? To raise much needed funds, knowing there is strength in numbers. All donations go directly to established rescue Wildlife Victoria, to help with rescue and rehabilitation of koalas, wombats, kangaroos, dingoes, kookaburras and many more species.

Each photographer has their own approach to the timing, type of photo session and their offer. In return for a donation of at least $50 AUD you will qualify for a photography session. Please contact your photographer before making your donation to confirm their offer and booking dates.

1, 2, 3: easy steps to give AND receive!

The personal costs to wildlife shelters and carers after a bushfire or extreme heat event can be enormous as more animals require care, and some shelters may lose some or all of their facilities. Each species has a highly specialised diet, orphans need special formula, and the expenses for burns dressings, antibiotics, medical equipment and vet care add up very quickly.

We will be working with affected shelters over the next 12 months to ensure that they have the support they need for all the extra animals that need care and to help them rebuild lost infrastructure.

– Wildlife Victoria 



Find a photographer near you and contact them for their session dates and what their offer is…


Book your session with your photographer – then they’ll give you a link to donate directly to Wildlife Victoria…


Forward the emailed donation receipt from Wildlife Victoria to your photographer to confirm your booking!



United States


Helen Green
Helen Green Photography
Geelong, Victoria
402 743 343

Ina Jalil
Ina J Photography

Canberra, ACT
61 432 063 968

Gabrielle Rundle-Thiele
Tails of Time Pet Photography

Brisbane, QLD
61 432 167 963

Sally Ryan
Tails & Trails Photography

NW of Melbourne suburbs, Victoria
61 402 219 529

Kerry Whitelegg
Linked Hearts Pet Photography
Mildura, Victoria
61 0409 145 287


Karen Black
Indigo Pet Photography

St. Catharines, Ontario

Shaleena Jones
Give a Dog a Bone Photography

Edmonton, Alberta

Leigh Michel
Leigh Michel Photography

Saskatoon, Saskachewan

Tracy Munson
Tracy Munson Photography

Moncton, New Brunswick

Donna Pownall
Paw Now Pet  Portraits

Waterdown, Ontario

Laura Wombwell
Laura Wombwell Photography

Guelph, Ontario

Michele Wright
Furry Friends Photography

Delta, British Columbia

United States

Deborah Billingsley
Deborah Billingsley Photography

Bentonville, Arkansas

Liliya Brenner
Lily Raven Photography

Springfield, Massachusetts

Michelle Crandall
Pets in Focus Photography

Paws for Oz sessions
Tecumseh, Michigan

Janet Deltuva
Ares & Emzy Photography

San Antonio, Texas

Gaelle Glass
Gaelle Pet Photography

Denver, Colorado

Wendy Hudnall
DoggieTales Pho(dog)raphy

Los Angeles, California

Cahlean Klenke
About A Dog Photography

Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota

Amy Miles
A. Miles Photography

Columbia, Illinois

Doug Mowatt
Paws Cause Pet Photography

Rocklin, California

Carla Scornavacco
Carla Scornavacco Photography

Chicago (NW & Suburbs), Illinois

Kim Stines
Fetching foto Photography
St. Charles, Illinois

Cherri Stoute
Paws Encounters Photography
Hope Mills, North Carolina

The Origins of Paws for Oz

On the heels of a dinner party in which the Australian wildfires and their catastrophic impact on wildlife was discussed amongst animal-loving friends. Canadian pet photographer Karen Black, of Indigo Pet Photography, was inspired to create a fundraising initiative aptly named Paws for Oz.

Karen, along with Niagara wine industry friends Australian Meg McGrath and Jennifer Hart came together to facilitate this initiative. Meg contributes her immense capability to organise and activate. Jennifer draws on her marketing and communication background to tie things together. All three bring a shared love of animals and a need for action born from distress over what they have seen in the news reports.


Wildlife Victoria

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity from across the globe and we cannot thank you all enough. The best way to help us and the animals we care for during this bushfire crisis is a donation to support long-term wildlife rehabilitation.”


Paws for Oz is simply a vehicle to bring photographers together and to promote this fundraising initiative. If you have any issues with your donation, please direct donation inquiries to Wildlife Victoria, as donations go directly to them, If you have any issues with your photography session, please deal with your chosen photographer directly as Paws for Oz does not control what the photographers offer. If you have any further inquiries you can contact, and we will attempt to respond to your email within 48 hours.